In early April, an exciting seminar as part of the „Democracy Under Pressure“ program was held on the banks of the Danube in beautiful city Budapest. A distinctive feature of this event was that most of the participants were delegates from countries and states with a difficult political situation like Belarus, Serbia, Hungary, Kosovo, Georgia, Ukraine and Russia, and therefore had real experience of living in a limited democracy. Also one of our members was particpanting in the JEF Europe’s event.

The participants of the workshop studied both the theoretical foundations of the protest movement, various tactics of behaviour in non-standard situations, and in the process of fruitful discussion deepened their knowledge regarding the interaction of various political, state and public institutions, especially in relation to young people.

The outcome of the seminar was a demonstration dedicated to the struggle for women’s rights. This action found a wide response among the surrounding people, including one woman from Iran, for whom this struggle is not an empty phrase, but an urgent need. Remember, if you are not in politics, then politics is in you!

Die Teilnahme an dieser Fortbildung wurde vom Land Steiermark – Gesundheit, Pflege, Sport und Gesellschaft finanziell unterstützt.