Europa-Forum 2018MORE THAN A DREAM

Our dreams are blue, blue like the sky
open and wide and free and high.
Under this sky we come together,
forget all borders – unite forever.

When we wake up, the fall is hard -
the reality tears our dreams apart.
It seems like populists would win
and the era of fake news would begin.

It seems like Europe’s vision is lost
because diversity is related with costs.
It seems like values are worthless for most
and the fortress of Europe is no longer a host.

But in the struggle, there is a star,
we fight for it, we strive for it, no matter how far.
When we get closer, we see more than one,
instead it’s a whole union to come.

A union of stars shows us where to go
moving all together makes us sometimes quite slow.
Still, when we finally reach our aim
no one will forget our communities name.

The name will be Europe – a federation of peace
an agent of justice, an ally of Greece.
We will have closed the gaps of the past
between people, races and nations at last.

In the darkest days, our dream is our fire
unifying nations stays our desire.
Dreaming helps when the journey feels long,
‘cause our common ideas stay strong.

By discussing, acting and raising our voices
we want to give Europeans the chance for real choices.
Choices between scenarios that are attractive for all
so that the Union is more than a dream to recall.

Lisa Kaum, JEF Steiermark