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    Dialogue Conference II. of the project DISCUSSING YOUROPE - think new, think big, think loud

    ATTENTION - with filling in this online form you can share your interest IN ADVANCE to participate in the Dialogue Conference II. from 9th to 14th of March 2018. We are going to contact you again in early January 2018 to make sure you still want to take part!

    You are between 18 and 29 years old and interested in politics and in what is going wrong within the European Union? Are you worried about the nationalistic and illiberal backlash in Europe? Do you want to spend some amazing days with fifty young people from six countries in Zadar (CRO)? Are you ready for intercultural exchange, friendship and transnational cooperation? If so, then you are totally right and the Dialogue Conference II. of the project DISCUSSING YOUROPE is going to be your chance!

    We, the Young European Federalists Styria, and our partners from SLO, CRO, GER, ITA and UKR are searching for interested young people who want to become active and believe in the future of a united Europe. Maybe you are member of a youth NGO, work with refugees or want to participate in international projects? With or without experience in the field of youth work or transnational cooperation, we are looking forward to welcoming you. First and foremost it is important for us that you want to contribute and participate actively during the political conference. If that´s any good for you, fill out the application form and participate as a representative of our country!

    The Dialogue Conference II. of the project DISCUSSING YOUROPE is going to take place in Zadar, Croatia, from 09th to 14th March 2017. You are going to be accommodated in shared rooms in a youth hostel in the city center. Meals and accommodation are completely covered by funding of the program Erasmus+ Youth in Action and local partners. Travel costs are going to be reimbursed with an fixed amount which varies between the partner countries, in relation to distance - for further information please ask your responsible national project coordinator or Markus Seunig, markus.seunig@jef-steiermark.at.

    More than ever the obvious and profound crisis of united Europe requires young Europeans to raise their voices and to contribute to a forward-looking transformation. This need and Austria’s presidency of the Council of the European Union in the second term of 2018 are reasons and a mission for the Young European Federalists Styria to create and implement the project “FROM and FOR young people” to enable young people to actively contribute to the essential reshaping of THEIR Europe. During the Dialogue Conference II. we are going to focus on the Structured Dialogue, a Euopean process that involves young people in (youth)politics. Our mission is, to give you the tools to be a multiplicator of the European spirit of our organisation, #jefspirit.

    Within the Kick-Off Event of the project, which has taken place in Lubljana in May 2017, we decided to look into the subjects of "mobility within the EU and migration from outside the EU", "Common Foreign and Security Policy", "improvement of the EU institutions" and "tackling Euroscepticism". In the framework of the Structured Dialogue we are going to discuss with decision-makers, to participate in group workshops focused on the main topics, to develop claims to improve the policies of the EU, to raise awareness about actuell chanllenges, to give an insight in the descision-making process and to gain a common vision for Europe. Besides the content based parts of the conference we are going to make cultural exchanging activities, excursions and teambuilding.

    You can apply/ register IN ADVANCE by filling in the following online form, which will be available until Sunday 15th February 2018. In order to apply you have to be citizen of one of the six partner countries of the Erasmus+ project (AUT, SLO, CRO, GER, UKR, ITA)! The selection of participants is based on the individual agreements with the partner organisations, the JEF Styria reserves the right to refuse applications by any reason.

    Your JEF-Styria Team!
    Get active, join now – its YOUrope!
  1. General information | Allgemeine Informationen

    Your personal data is processed only within the project "Dialogue Conference II.". They are kept confidential and will not be passed on to third parties. | Die von dir angegebenen Daten werden nur für organisatorische Zwecke im Rahmen des Projekts "Dialogkonferenz I." verwendet. Deine persönlichen Informationen werden vertraulich behandelt und nicht an Dritte weitergegeben.

    The working language used during the conference is English. Please take this into account! | Die Arbeitssprache der Konferenz ist "Englisch". Bitte beachte dies bei deiner Anmeldung!

    Please take time to fill in the following online application, exact and veridic. | Bitte nimm dir Zeit für die Bearbeitung der nachfolgenden Online-Bewerbung und fülle diese genau und wahrheitsgetreu aus.

    Let´s start! | Los gehts!

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  1. Confirmation of your data | Bestätigung deiner Angaben

    By clicking on the button "Senden" you are confirming your data and your application will be transmitted. For further questions please do not hesitate to contact us: office@jef-steiermark.at

    Hiermit bestätigst du deine Angaben und sendest mit einem Klick auf den Button "Senden" deine Bewerbung an uns. Bei weiteren Fragen wende dich bitte an: office@jef-steiermark.at

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